Primavera 150 3V

In creating something new Piaggio is doing something radical, returning the Vespa design to its fundamental tradition: all sheet metal construction. The original Vespa Primavera debuted in 1967 (VMA2) and was manufactured up to 1999 (32 years), but this is not that Primavera. Other than the namesake this is truly an ALL NEW Vespa scooter, a legend reborn. So what’s new you ask? What has changed? The Primavera engine is redesigned to be both environmentally friendly and the most powerful 150cc manufactured by Piaggio out of the factory. This machine will give a GTS a challenge on the open road with its 12.7 horsepower @ 7,750 RPM; while nimbly passing through traffic smoothly, thanks to the redesigned front suspension. Sitting on 11″ wheels the Primavera seat is only 30.7 inches from the ground allowing riders of all sizes the ability to comfortably start and stop this new elegant classic.

Max. Speed: 59 mph
Gas Mileage: 117 mpg

Color Options:
Dragon Red, Montebianco White, Azzuro Marechiaro

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