2014 Moto Guzzi V7 Special S3

Usage: NEW

Colour: Silver/Black

Style: Mid-range touring

Engine: 90° V-twin, 4-stroke

This is the closest to the original V7 concept, not only because it shares its name with the first V7 signed by Lino Tonti, but because if faithfully cites the same riding philosophy, that of a touring bike with sophisticated finishings and exclusive technical solutions. Just like its ancestor, it is wrapped in a two-tone colour concept and equipped with precious spoked wheels with aluminium rims which, as in the case of the V7 Stone, contribute to improving the riding dynamic thanks to the lower weight compared to the V7 Classic. The new engine, significantly more powerful, is perfectly suited for medium range touring and contributes to low fuel consumption and greater tank capacity. It provides a flagship riding range, a role which it can easily interpret once equipped with bags and windshield, accessories which go well with the overall design of the V7 Special.

The V7 Special features the 750cc, 90° V-twin engine that is powerful and stays true to the characteristics of the Moto Guzzi tradition, that touring on a motorcycle at its most pure should be nothing but enjoyable.

The V7 Special also features a powerful motor, lightweight black anodized spoke aluminum wheels, and a 5.8 gallon metal tank. Improved engine functionality provides greater torque and power even at low RPMs, and makes the V7 more efficient, with higher fuel economy and reduced emissions.